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History of the DUNBAR

During the stormy night of August 20th 1857, the Dunbar – an English merchant ship travelling to Sydney – smashed into the cliffs whilst attempting to enter Sydney Harbour and began to break up immediately.  In the hours that followed, all but one of the 122 passengers and crew perished. The lone survivor, deckhand James Johnson, clung to a ledge on the cliff face until he was dramatically rescued on the morning of 22 August, some 36 hours after the Dunbar ran aground.

The wreck had a major impact on Sydney and just a month after the loss of the Dunbar, it was recommended that a lighthouse be built to mark the actual entrance to Sydney Harbour. To this very day, the Hornby Lighthouse has ensured safe passage to countless vessels entering the worlds greatest harbour for over 150 years! 

Many a tribute has been made to the victims of the Dunbar. This is ours. Sample a taste of history. 

BeerAndGlass copy.jpg

DUNBAR is a well-balanced, easy drinking English Pale Ale (EPA). Amber in colour, its caramel malt flavours complement the earthy nature of our favourite English hops, giving it a malty taste and an uncompromising citrus and dried fruit finish. Refreshing and incredibly moreish!


EPA – English Pale Ale

ABV 4.5%

IBU 29

Dunbar Red straightened.jpg

A crisp golden lager that can be enjoyed all year round.  Our new Continental Lager has a light malty aroma on the nose with a little spice drifting through slowly. The palate enjoys a smooth offering of darker malts, toasted flavours and creamy hops. A slight dryness near the end with a low carbonation.


Continental Lager

ABV – 4.6%

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